Long Term Care Insurance and Coverage Options, Port Charlotte FL

Let’s face it... Even though you may continue to enjoy good health as you age, at some point you may need assistance with day-to-day activities. Maybe it’s the simple things like shopping and meal preparation. Perhaps you’ll need care provided by a visiting nurse, therapist or other health care provider. You may even need nursing home care.

Consider these statistics:

• Today, approximately one in five people over age 65 and almost half of people over age 85 need assistance with day-to-day activities.*

• The average cost for comprehensive home health care is $26 per hour.*

In addition, if you were confined to a nursing home, you could expect to pay approximately $188 per day, or  $68,000 each year.**

Have you thought about how you would pay for the care you need?

Many people mistakenly believe long-term care services will be covered by their health insurance plan or Medicare. In truth, these people end up paying for long-term care services out of their own pockets, often depleting a lifetime of savings. The good news is long-term care insurance can help to cover these expenses. 

Long-term care insurance gives you choices

Unlike long-term care plans of the past, which essentially provided coverage for care received in a nursing home, today’s long-term care plans give you choices:

The high cost of waiting

The soner you plan your long-term care needs the better. The cost of premiums increases with age. Whatever age you are at time of policy issue, your premium will always be based on that age. Plus, your protection is locked in and guaranteed renewable.